As the winner of several awards of distinction in home furnishings and design, we welcome local residents to discover how easy it is for Kootenai Moon Furniture to stage your home and maximize its' value. For several years we've been integral to the success of real estate development projects in the Kootenays including:
  • West Creek Village
  • Granite Point Townhomes
  • Silver Bay Condominiums
  • Amber Bay Condominiums
  • Calderra House at Red Mountain in Rossland B.C.
  • Nelson Commons and several private homes in the Nelson area
Did you know that home staging can help reduce a property’s listing time on the market by 30 to 50 per cent and could deliver a price that is six to 20 per cent more than a vacant home or a home that is not properly staged?

At Kootenai Moon we offer two staging services, which will help you sell your home faster and closer to your asking price:

Staging consultations for occupied homes

We provide a room by room assessment of your home and give you real time recommendations on how to get your home ready for the real estate market. The best time to book your consultation is before you contact your realtor and before the photographer's appointment. At the end of the consultation (typically 1 hour) we will also give a 100 point checklist for you to use, so that you can implement our recommendations at your own time.  

If your home has been on the market on for some time, you can still contact us for a consultation and you could request that your photographer does a re-shoot of your home.

If after your Staging consultation you need assistance in styling your home, we also offer Styling consultations to help you achieve our recommendations. 
Unoccupied staging

Unoccupied homes don't sell as fast as furnished homes for a variety of reasons, most buyers cannot visualize a home's potential when it is not occupied, buyers struggle to judge space and empty rooms often feel smaller than they are. Selling an empty home also sends a message of desperation to the buyer and as there are no memorable items in your home, your home is soon forgotten and will stay on the market even longer.

At Kootenai Moon we offer a full staging service for vacant homes. We will provide beautiful furniture, art and decor to compliment your home's selling features. We take care of everything, our set staging fee includes design, set up and dismantling and our additional monthly fee is applicable until your home is sold.  

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