Magniflex Dolce Vita
The mattresses of the Dolce Vita collection have been manufactured to feature the innovative Dual Core technology developed by Magniflex. You can share the mattress with your partner without having to compromise comfort. Thanks to this technology, the core, which is made up of layers of materials offering different types of comfort, the queen size version consists of two separate parts that can be flipped over to offer two different kinds of support.

Magniflex Magnistretch
The technological and innovative mattress that ensures an exceptional benefit to the spine. The special layer with inclined sections uses the pressure of the body to stretch your back from cervical and lumbar area towards the lower back and the feet. This movement increases the space between the vertebrae, distributing the weight more evenly. Muscle tension and contractions will dissolve during sleep. These benefits were certified by the ACA as further evidence of the beneficial effect of the Magnistretch mattress.