Kootenai Moon Furniture in Nelson BC
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Live, Sleep, Design
  Three simple elements to help you make your home the home you love. That's what we do. 

  As a furniture and home decor store, we have developed strong relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers over the last 23 years and have a team of experienced, talented designers ready to help you choose the furniture and accessories you need. 

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Look inside Kootenai Moon Furniture with a virtual tour. The selection of furniture and home decor items is extensive!  We love to help with your home design and provide creative solutions, so you will love your home.
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Whether you are looking to furnish a new home, seeking a one of a kind piece, or you are freshening up your bedroom or bath, we are here to offer you a wide selection of amazing furniture, home decor, and bed linens. Anything is possible, just take a moment to browse our collections.
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